Tuesday 30 June 2009


Keep your heart so nice,
And sweep away all malice,
Purify your noble thoughts,
From the grip of conceits.
Untie all charming beads,
In the crown of futile pride,
Shed all handsome feathers
In the wings of haughtiness.
Forget not to melt and flow
The frozen icebergs of envy,
Change into dust of ashes
Those flames of turbulence.

Make wisdom your golden crown,
Humility your dominant sceptre,
String together the beads of patience,
In the ornament of tolerance.
Keep the jewel of kindness,
Inside the armour of love
Spread the grace of simplicity
Through the smile of sincerity
Let sweetness of humble speech,
Adorn your rosy lips,
Let all these little things
Nourish your happiness.