Friday 3 July 2009


Do you hear the sound of bell That in the world continuously rings? Does it appear like the knell That we ourselves foolishly toll? Using a flute sweetly man sings The song of death that happens to us Hasten to death like beautiful flies Coming towards fire and loosing their wings! No hesitation for man to make a shore Of death and seems so aware, To rule that kingdom built for death And destroy the world and every one's breath. Nations become the godowns of weapons Filled with bombs and fearful guns! Forget friendships, begin competition Not for goodness but for destruction. Many a pauper, sick and poor, Live in this world in unknown corner Skeleton of men with unfilled bellies, Lean cheeks and sunken eyes While the brains work without rest, And toil with atoms with untold zest, When we care too much for bombs Careful to feed those hungry stomachs. For what the nations sleeplessly contend? Is it to make the world confounded? God has given this beautiful land Not for destruction by man's hand. Each is making his own cell With all sufferings like in the hell End all this foolish fight Let the world be home of light.