Saturday, 25 July 2009


When my heart aches with pain,

And wish to do tit for tat

When I see the actions in vain,

Of those who smile just to cheat

When they tear the heart of my heart,

With trouble and terrible insult,

When I fed up with horrible evil

Hardships , sorrows and toil

Then I fill with thoughts of revenge

Violent trembling which never change

But a voice echoed and echoed,

From the manger gracefully adorned,

'Dear one, don't let your deed

Follow wrath and habits bad

Find the core,your light divine,

God has given a mind within,

Forget deeds of cruel men,

Trust Him who saves everyone'.

Forgive them ,the enemies so cruel,

Forget words hard and scandal

Believe in His home of refuge,

Keep holy flowers of courage,

Outlive all harshness and wrath

Follow love as your path.