Thursday, 12 November 2009


Here expand rose flowers,
Charming,delightful and soft
Spread its fragrance everywhere
Daily in the courtyard front.
Blossom as the dawn begins
While one leaves his sleep
Purple, red, rose and blue
Which fill everyone with hope
Glowing dewdrops in its petals,
Like stainless shining pearls
The beautiful and glowing sunrays
Make them amazing rainbows.
Breeze makes them gently swing
Beetles hum their melodious song
The glitter of its tender sight
Fills everyone with extreme delight
Wait, oh ! dear just a minute,
See silent, what a tribute!
Each flower and leaf contributes
To make this world so cute.
Alas! pass hearty moments
Time sheds all flower leaves
Yesterday's crowned enchanting blossoms
To you favourites who mourns?
Human life seems identical
In this world so fatal
Who remembers the precious lives
Whom had decayed in the graves?
Spread the fragrance of goodness
While you stay on earth
Be a white rose of virtue
Ever and ever when you alive.