Wednesday 20 November 2013


My diamond, see, the precious gem,
A shining jewel adorned green stem
Of joyful days of pleasant song,
A gift from God, before very long.

But floods overflowed, droughts did parch,
Tempests shattered the tender birch,
Severe quakes broke the earth’s heart,
Tongues of thorns cut friends apart.

Lost the diamond. Among the mountains?
Between the dales? Deep in oceans?
Under shallow springs? Beside a lofty hill?
Or elsewhere? Elsewhere? Who  knows still?

Birds flew from trees to trees,
Made nests, then heard babies' tweets,
Butterflies did rest in blossomed bud,
Left alone leaving to bury like dead.

Spring filled flowers in grass in heaves,
Summer poured sunshine gently on leaves,
Autumn sang dreams sweetly in ears,
And winter did ice over many years.

Then I found my lost diamond one day,
Far away, far away, away and away,
Awhile, a star, azure a ray,
Awoke my soul in awesome way…

Never I saw, but saw the glitter,
Nor I heard yet heard the twitter,
Never did I touch still felt the comfort,
Nor I spoke though whispered a lot….

Whispered a lot... ‘Here is my diamond...
The bliss and bless, the friendship bond,
My diamond, my diamond, only mine…..
Forever the ages mine and only mine…’

Thursday 19 September 2013


Again a dazzling dream blooms,
Withers away all petals of gloom,
Nature adorns herself in spring,
Rays of hope gleams in swing.
It rains in dales, over the plants,
Chills flowers, leaves and fields,
Embellishes the earth, fresh green,
Opening seeds’ eyes are seen.
It snows in deserts and valley,
Makes dew glow in peeping buds, jolly
Decorates each and every foliage holy,
I stay in foothills to enjoy lonely….
Rainbows among the silvery cloud
Flash a blaze for amazing crowd,
Sing in horizon a lullaby loud,
The glory of immortal love, proud…!
Melts golden rays, the rising sun
Pours on leaves, grass and fern,
Mesmerizes souls towards the luster,
Unfolds the eternal care towards nature.
Drops of pearls, the waterfall
Bursts from woods, a milky flow,
Droplets, drizzles and hails fall,
Tilt and thrill when winds blow.
Dreams are only dreams, whatever it may be,
As delicious nectar gathered by honey bee,
Withers the flower soon you may see…
Remains the sweet honey, ever fresh with glee.
Still a dazzling dream in heart dwells,
Withers away all gloom and fills,
 Joy, pleasure, everlasting jewels,
Mounts me towards the golden hills...

Thursday 22 August 2013


Before the dawn she awakes,
Where a bundle of work awaits,
Cooks, washes, neatly cleans,
Cares, loves, highly concerns,
Always works without any rest,
And consoles everyone with much zest.
Settle disputes often arise,
Among kids with enough patience,
Waits everyone ends his dine,
Have the food calmly alone,
Much pain silently adorns,
To make both ends meet, not mourns.
Arranges the cloths, different things,
Thrown away by wards which hangs,
Bakes spongy cakes and soft buns,
Makes them tasty with jolly funs.
Dress worn out soundly stitches,
Irons, darns, and readily patches,
Waters the garden myrtles, the plants,
The branches trims well and cuts,
Tired and frail in all twilight,
Yet continues till midnight.
Isn't she an ardent labourer?
The mother, the patient homemaker?
Just a pat gentle and soft,
Filled with love and care a lot,
The precious gift ever she needs,
The only tribute for her deeds…..

Monday 22 July 2013


Oh! Lord! The Olive Tree!
Make me your branch!
Me, a branch of wild olive tree,
A branch broken off,
Rejected, unwanted and downtrodden,
Rounded by raging fire,
Shattered by furious storms,
Completely crushed, being defeated,
Fiercely attacked, swarmed round
Like bees, lost and fallen down.
      Oh! Lord! The Olive Tree!
      Make me your branch!
     You, The Holy Olive Tree,
     The Root supports me.
     In your grace I do believe,
     In your power I am afraid,
    Join me, a natural branch,
    Spare me not, since you change
   Foes into friends, unseen to seen
    Let me continue in your kindness.

Thursday 20 June 2013


Beloved and the best,
Sweeter than honey,
Whiter than snow,
Dearer than all,
And the greatest.
A relief in sorrow,
A solace in agony,
A help, a care,
A smile, a virtue,
And a praise.
An angel from heaven,
A messenger of God,
A companion,
A fellow traveler,
And a grace.
marvelous miracle,
A dream and truth,
A lasting spring,
A vineyard of love,
And a jewel.


Bleeds my heart when I see
The love you have kept for me
Never do I, the same, yet
Ever you love in your heart.

        Hidden, silent I remain away
        Still you search all the way
        Why? No answer I ever heard
        Except ‘true love ends never child !

Not sparrows have tweets for me
Not any stars have their glee.
Neither the Sun spreads his light
Nor the Moon sends delight.
          Even I leave, you do not leave
          Even I forget, you keep me alive
          Like dew waters plants in  desert
          Gently you shower in my heart.

How sweet the memoirs of past!
How glorious the moments flown fast!
How nice the spring now I feel!
How fragrant the flowers now I smell!
          No words to express my gratitude
         Nothing is enough to reward
         Like the snow flashes enormous rays
          My heart offers the buds of thanks.

May rivers flow and plants bloom
And tender leaves rise from gloom.
May the Almighty bless you ever
And all the bliss always He shower.

               Pardon, if I have hurt you then
               Pardon, if I have ever forgotten
               What should I give you in return?
               A tear drop? A bleeding heart? Just I own.

Wednesday 10 April 2013


My  home dear, I had to abandon
With so deep, so deep mourn.
My caring mom, I had to leave
With so severe, so severe heave.
The plants flowering, I had forsaken
With so intense, so intense pain.
The birds chirping, I bid farewell
With so extreme, so extreme yell.
My friends, loving, I had to forget
With so gloomy, so gloomy neglect.
My village, green fields, I had to desert
With so joyless, so joyless regret.
The river pure, I had to avoid
With so acute, so acute void.

My home, dear, I have to regain
With so thrill, so thrill again.
With mom, caring, I have to join
With so glad, so glad rain.
The plants flowering, I have to alight
With so fair, so fair delight.
The birds chirping, I have to meet
To sing so sweet, so sweet, tweet.
My friends, loving, I have to share
Dreams, so fresh, so fresh pleasure.
Along the green fields, I have to swing
So crazily, so crazily and sing.
In river I have to plunge in leisure
To find so new, so new, treasure.


Sunday 3 February 2013


Still alive memories past
Never die, never perish
Come like butterflies, fast
Make one’s mind ever cherish.

With wings, moments pass
Leave footprints in heart
Never fade the shadows
Even friends go apart.

Hopes may soon disappear
Dreams may fast vanish
But moments past so dear
May repeat in one’s wish.

Death lays his frozen touch
Humans decay then in graves
Still memories alive in souls
Ever green and ever fresh.