Wednesday 10 April 2013


My  home dear, I had to abandon
With so deep, so deep mourn.
My caring mom, I had to leave
With so severe, so severe heave.
The plants flowering, I had forsaken
With so intense, so intense pain.
The birds chirping, I bid farewell
With so extreme, so extreme yell.
My friends, loving, I had to forget
With so gloomy, so gloomy neglect.
My village, green fields, I had to desert
With so joyless, so joyless regret.
The river pure, I had to avoid
With so acute, so acute void.

My home, dear, I have to regain
With so thrill, so thrill again.
With mom, caring, I have to join
With so glad, so glad rain.
The plants flowering, I have to alight
With so fair, so fair delight.
The birds chirping, I have to meet
To sing so sweet, so sweet, tweet.
My friends, loving, I have to share
Dreams, so fresh, so fresh pleasure.
Along the green fields, I have to swing
So crazily, so crazily and sing.
In river I have to plunge in leisure
To find so new, so new, treasure.