Thursday 19 September 2013


Again a dazzling dream blooms,
Withers away all petals of gloom,
Nature adorns herself in spring,
Rays of hope gleams in swing.
It rains in dales, over the plants,
Chills flowers, leaves and fields,
Embellishes the earth, fresh green,
Opening seeds’ eyes are seen.
It snows in deserts and valley,
Makes dew glow in peeping buds, jolly
Decorates each and every foliage holy,
I stay in foothills to enjoy lonely….
Rainbows among the silvery cloud
Flash a blaze for amazing crowd,
Sing in horizon a lullaby loud,
The glory of immortal love, proud…!
Melts golden rays, the rising sun
Pours on leaves, grass and fern,
Mesmerizes souls towards the luster,
Unfolds the eternal care towards nature.
Drops of pearls, the waterfall
Bursts from woods, a milky flow,
Droplets, drizzles and hails fall,
Tilt and thrill when winds blow.
Dreams are only dreams, whatever it may be,
As delicious nectar gathered by honey bee,
Withers the flower soon you may see…
Remains the sweet honey, ever fresh with glee.
Still a dazzling dream in heart dwells,
Withers away all gloom and fills,
 Joy, pleasure, everlasting jewels,
Mounts me towards the golden hills...