Wednesday 20 November 2013


My diamond, see, the precious gem,
A shining jewel adorned green stem
Of joyful days of pleasant song,
A gift from God, before very long.

But floods overflowed, droughts did parch,
Tempests shattered the tender birch,
Severe quakes broke the earth’s heart,
Tongues of thorns cut friends apart.

Lost the diamond. Among the mountains?
Between the dales? Deep in oceans?
Under shallow springs? Beside a lofty hill?
Or elsewhere? Elsewhere? Who  knows still?

Birds flew from trees to trees,
Made nests, then heard babies' tweets,
Butterflies did rest in blossomed bud,
Left alone leaving to bury like dead.

Spring filled flowers in grass in heaves,
Summer poured sunshine gently on leaves,
Autumn sang dreams sweetly in ears,
And winter did ice over many years.

Then I found my lost diamond one day,
Far away, far away, away and away,
Awhile, a star, azure a ray,
Awoke my soul in awesome way…

Never I saw, but saw the glitter,
Nor I heard yet heard the twitter,
Never did I touch still felt the comfort,
Nor I spoke though whispered a lot….

Whispered a lot... ‘Here is my diamond...
The bliss and bless, the friendship bond,
My diamond, my diamond, only mine…..
Forever the ages mine and only mine…’