Friday 14 August 2015


If I were the Venus in heavenly height,
In the sky, I would have shone, a glorious light;

If I were a lovely bud ready to bloom,
In the plant, I would have spread in doom;

If I were a glistening butterfly, colourful,
In petals, I would have sucked honey full;

If I were a sweet little diving loon,
In the infinite horizon, I would have flown;

If I were a cool garden breeze, mild,
I would have blown as fragrance aside;

If I were a wave of milky moon beams,
I would have been a lake of glow worms;

If I were a cloud, wandering in the sky top,
In the earth, I would have drizzled a drop;

If I were a murmuring stream flowing unfold,
In the blue sea, I would have dissolved;

If I were a little blowing conch in shore,
In the sand, I would have slept in pleasure;

If I were a celestial enchanting flute, I long,
In your lips, I would have been a song;

If I were an em-purpled dream in your heart,
I would have travelled hand in hand a lot;

But a tiny grass I was, being nothing,
Except a never warbling lark, silently singing;

A burning candle, a martyr, the smiling face,
Under the Calvary cross, a sacred sacrifice….