Saturday 23 January 2016


Life, a miracle but messing puzzle!
Love, marvellous but painful drizzle!!
Memory, blessing but despair, a curse…
Candle, a light but dripping tears.

Wind, a symphony but doom tomorrow,
River, a melody but flooding sorrow,
Dreams, raindrops but pangs shining,
Seasons, lovely but fast vanishing…

So, memories, in silence, rest in nap,
Mind, calmly let to sleep,
Dozing in drugs, Oh! Forgetfulness!!
Freeing all bondage, the scape-grace!!!

Eyes never see though widely open!
Ears never hear though keenly listen!!
Tongues never speak though frequently sob!!!
Nose never smells though sweetly breathe!!!!

While the ages fleeing very soon,
Can we have a journey return??
Can any fallen bamboo sprout
Come back as a sandalwood hut???

While the hearts wound, terribly bleed,
Let the minds swoon with musical reed,
Till they reach the cleansing shores
Of forgetfulness from turbulent pangs….