Wednesday 6 April 2016


The fire in veins, ignited;
That can’t be extinguished;
Never becomes an ash heap;
That blazes again with hope...

The most gentle, the delicate;
The strength of the weak, the light;
Mightier than rocks; the petal,
Live, soft, the glowing crystal !

Sleeps as seeds, germinates as plants;
Blossoms as lavender, keeps and spreads
Its nectar in buds as flames;
Where it melts to kindle, as dews..

In hearts, like hurricane lamps;
Leads in incessant rains and storms...
It snows in marrows, blooms in bones;
Makes the dead alive, away from burdens;

Arises the mind – inconstant,
Unsteady, fickle and transient-
Towards immovable permanence,
With amiable loving glance…..