Monday 2 May 2016


Through thorns and stones, the passer-by;
Feet stung, face crumpled, in soil dry,
Pours burning heat, the sun, melting;
All winds of ember embracing.

Fascinate shadow trees aside,
Tempt fruits with wines red,
Entices coolness of oasis beside,
To plunge in pleasures far and wide.

Never a flower pulled the hands,
Never a wine sipped the lips,
Never a plum tasted the tongues,
Never a tear shed the eyes.

Neither any status- the hands empty-
Nor any splendour, nor luxury,
Nor embellishment, nor pomp,
In its journey from the womb.

The head naked, neither any crown,
Nor dwelled in golden throne,
Nor any ruby, nor emerald,
Never had it any coral bead.

While time passed uncertain end
As the deaf, as the blind,
Those who wore precious pearl,
Mocked: “a destitute”, “a fool”.

In the bundle only cost-less things,
Tear drops, scars of wounds,
Torn, scattered, rags of dreams,
Also the refugee’s silly coins.

Still a treasure, in mind's screen,
The traveller’s lamp in journey alone,
Few ever heard, few never saw,
Few ever felt, few never knew.

Neither impure, nor shattered,
Nor hidden, never falsehood,
Can’t be replaced with any jewel,
“The love forever, unconditional”.