Sunday, 3 September 2017



1. Cooked and mashed

               Jackfruit                               4 cups

2. Roasted and ground rice              1 cup

3. Jaggery                                            3 cups

4. Grated coconut                              2 cups

5. Cardamom powder                      ½ teaspoon

5. Cumin seed powder                    ½ teaspoon

6. Ghee/Vanaspati.                          2 spoons

7. Nuts                                                 1 spoon

Heat jaggery with ½ cup water to make a liquid and sieve. Heat ghee in a pan, add mashed jackfruit, jaggery liquid, grated coconut and cumin seed powder. Stir well to dry. Remove from heat. Add roasted and ground rice, cardamom powder and nuts.Shape like small balls, garnish with nuts.    





1. Sliced watermelon                         4 cups
2. Orange juice                                   1 cup
3. Butter                                               1 teaspoon
4. Maida                                               2 teaspoons
5. Sugar                                                 1 spoon  

 Mix butter and maida. Heat a pan and roast the mixture. Allow to cool. Add orange juice and sugar to this mixture. Heat it and stir to make a thick sauce. Arrange sliced watermelon in bowls, add orange juice sauce and garnish with grapes. Refrigerate for one hour before use.