Sunday, 29 April 2018

Masala Bread Fry & Tomato Sauce.

Home made 🍅 sauce : Take 5 cups of sliced tomatoes, 1 piece cinnamon, 2 cloves,4 garlic, 5 pepper grains,some water & put in a pressure cooker. Heat,wait for 3 whistles.Remove cinnamon,cloves, pepper & garlic.Mix tomato well & add half cup sugar,1/4 spoon Kashmiri chilli powder & salt.Heat,stir well  for 15 minutes to make sauce.😋😋

Masala Bread Fry.Mix half cup gram flour,one spoon maida,half spoon chilly powder,one spoon garam masala & a pinch salt,make a paste & keep aside for 15 minutes.Slice bread into pieces,dip in this paste & fry.Serve with sauce.🙂🙂