Friday 26 July 2019

Beetroot Kesari.


 1. Ghee /Vanaspati                       -1/2 cup
 2. Rava                                            -  1 cup

3. Grated beetroot                          -1 cup
 4. Water                                           - 1 ½ cup
   5. Sugar                                           -1 cup
 6. Cardamom powder                    -   1 pinch


Heat ghee in a pan, add rava and roast well. Add grated beetroot, roast well. Add water, cook in a low flame.
Add sugar and roast. Add cardamom powder when the mixture becomes thick and stir well. Add the balance ghee and stir. Remove from heat. Apply some ghee in a tray, spread the mixture and level. Allow natural cooling, cut into pieces, garnish and serve.