Wednesday 10 March 2021

Orange Cake.



Orange.              1kg.

Sugar.                  150gm

Thick curd/

Condensed milk.    1/2 cup

(or eggs 2)

Orange zest.             1 teaspoon.

Melted butter.            1/4 cup

Flour.                            150 gm.

Baking powder.            1 teaspoon.

Baking soda.                1/2 teaspoon.

Orange juice.                 1/2 cup.

Orange food colour.       Few drops.

Grate orange and take orange zest.After, take the juice and keep aside.

Beat sugar with curd/ condensed milk/ eggs.

Add orange zest and butter,beat well.

Add flour, baking powder,baking soda.

Add orange juice.Mix well.Add colour too.

Pour the batter to a greased cake bowl.

Bake 180°c/ 40 minutes.

Decorate with icing cream and orange syrup.