Saturday 13 March 2021

Carrot- Milk Halva.



Carrot.                400gm.

Sugar.                  200gm.

Ghee.                    3 Tablespoons.

Cardamom.          2

Raisins.                 20 gm.

Nuts.                      20gm.

Cornflour.               2 Teaspoons.

Milk.                        1 cup

Water.                      1/2 cup.

Grate carrots.Heat a pan,add ghee,add sugar,stir well,add water,add grated carrots,stir to cook.

Mix half of the milk with cornflour.Add the remaining milk to the cooked carrot,stir to make it thick.Add cornflour- milk mix.Add cardamom powder.When it becomes thick, remove from heat.Apply some ghee in a tray, Spread raisins and nuts.Layer the carrot mix, level well,Spread raisins and nuts on the top to garnish.Allow natural cooling,cut into pieces.