Friday 16 July 2021

Ripe Banana Cutlet.


Ripe Banana Cutlet.

1. Ripe banana                  -3
2. Grated coconut             - ½ cup
3. Cardamom powder       -1/2  small spoon
4. Bread powder                - 2 cups
5. Ghee  / Vanaspati            - ¼ cup
Cut the bananas into pieces and cook in steam. Knead the cooked bananas adding grated coconut and cardamom powder. Make them balls, give the shape of cutlets and dip in bread powder. Heat a pan, apply ghee, put the cutlets in it and roast turning them upside down two or three times.

Passion Fruit Juice.


Passion fruit.

Passion Fruit.


Passion fruit flower.