Wednesday 11 August 2021

A ray of beauty blooms to colour the world.


Vegetable salad.



Carrot.                       1

Cabbage.                    100gm.

Onion.                         Half.

Green chili.                1     

Capsicum.                   Half. 

Lemon juice.              1 teaspoon

Honey.                         1 teaspoon   

Salt.                               a pinch.  

Coriander leaves.       Accordingly.

Slice carrot,cabbage, onion, capsicum and chilli. Mix lemon juice and honey by shaking well.Mix all together.Add salt.Spread coriander leaves. Decorate with a tomato rose.


Rava vada.


Rava Vada

Rava                1 cup
Onion              1/2 cup
Green chilli      2
Ginger              1 teaspoon
Salt                    a pinch 
Water                 Accordingly
Oil                     1 cup

        Slice onion,chilly and ginger into small pieces.Mix them with rava,water,and salt.Knead to make small balls.Just spread  in the shape of vada and fry.