Thursday 23 September 2021

Spanish Delight Cake.



Egg.                                4

Sugar.                             150 gm.

Vanilla essence.            1 teaspoon.

Sunflower oil.                  100 ml.

Milk.                                   100 ml.

Vinegar.                             1  teaspoon.

Maida.                                150 gm.

Baking powder.                1 teaspoon.

Baking soda.                     1/2 teaspoon.

Cocoa powder.                  2 teaspoons.

Beat eggs.Add vanilla  essence,beat well.

Add sugar powder,beat,add sunflower oil,milk,beat well.

Add dry ingredients,mix well.

Mix baking soda and vinegar,add to the batter.

Bake in 180°  pre- heated oven for 45 minutes.

Praline preparation.

Sugar.          1/2 cup.

Butter.          2 teaspoons.

Nuts,Badam.  50 gm.

Caramalise sugar.Remove from heat.

Spread nuts and badam in a butter paper.

Pour caramalised sugar over it. Allow to cool.Crush to pieces, keep aside.

Caramal sauce.

Sugar.                     1/2 cup.

Whipping cream.   1 cup.

Butter.                      2 teaspoons.

Caramalise sugar.Add whipping cream.(room temperature) in low flame.Add butter.Move to a bowl.Allow to cool.

Sugar syrup.

Sugar.      50 gm.

Water.      2 - 3 teaspoons.

Melt sugar to make a honey consistency.

Whipping cream.

Whipping cream       200 ml 

Brue coffee powder. 1 teaspoon

Boost.                          2 teaspoons.

Caramal sauce.           100 ml.

Vanilla essence.           1 teaspoon.

Mix all ingredients together to form stiff peaks.Refrigerate one hour.

Layer the cake into three.

Apply sugar syrup. Spread whipping cream.Spread crushed praline and caramal sauce.Repeat the process.Finally cover the cake with whipping cream.Refrigerate 1 hour.

Chocolate ganash.

Dark compound ( chocolate)  100 gm 

Whipping cream.                       50 ml.

Butter.                                           1 teaspoon.

Double boil chocolate.Add whipping cream and butter when it melts.Allow to cool.Pour chocolate ganash over the cake.

Garnish with grated white chocolate.

Vancho Cake.



Vanilla cake & Chocolate cake.

Egg.                          8

Sugar.                      300 gm.

Oil.                           200 ml.

Vanilla essence.      2 teaspoons.

Baking powder.      2 teaspoons.

Baking soda.             1 teaspoon 

Vinegar.                      2 teaspoons.

Maida.                         300 gm.

Milk.                             200 ml.

Cocoa powder.            2 teaspoons.

Beat eggs.Add sugar powder,beat.Add vanilla essence,beat well.Add oil,beat.Add milk and beat well again.

Sieve maida and baking powder.Add to the batter and mix well.Mix baking soda and vinegar.Add to the batter.

Divide the batter equally into two parts.

Add cocoa powder to one part.

Bake two cakes,each in a 180° pre heated oven for 40- 45 minutes.

Layer each cake into three parts.

Whipped cream frosting.

Take 250 ml whipping cream and 5 tablespoons sugar powder.Beat well to make stiff peaks.Refrigerate to cool.(1 hour.)

Dark Chocolate cream frosting.

Make dark chocolate ganash - Melt 100 gm dark compound ( chocolate) with 50 ml fresh cream. (Double boil / microwave 1 minute.)Allow to  natural cooling.

Add this to 100 ml  beated whipped cream.Beat well to make stiff peaks.Refrigerate to cool.(1 hour.)

White chocolate ganash.

White compound.(chocolate)  300 gm.

Fresh  cream.                               100 ml.

Melt white compound and fresh cream.(Double boil / microwave 1 minute.) Allow natural cooling.

Sugar syrup.

Sugar.             100 gm.

Water.              2-3 tablespoons.

Mix water and sugar, boil to make the syrup.

Assembling VanCho Cake.

Place a vanilla cake layer first. Apply sugar syrup. Spread whipped cream.Place a chocolate cake layer over it,  apply sugar syrup, spread chocolate whipped cream.Repeat the process, assembling vanilla and chocolate cake layers and two  creams alternatively.

Finally cover the cake with whipped cream.

Refrigerate to set.(1 hour)

Top up with white chocolate ganash.

Decorate with Dark chocolate ganash.

Again refrigerate to set. (1 hour.)