Wednesday 4 May 2022

Vegetable Breakfast Recipes.


Rice flour                       1/4kg
Yeast                               1/2teaspoon
Light hot water              3/4cup
Sugar                                1teaspoon
Flour grain                       1/2cup
Water                                1 1/2cup
Coconut milk                   1/2cup
Sugar                                 2 desert spoon
Salt                                     accordingly
Mix yeast, light hot water and sugar and keep aside for half an hour. Mix water and flour grain. Boil it to make a thick liquid. Allow it to cool. Add yeast mixture to the rice flour. Add thickened flour grain liquid and knead well. Add sugar and coconut milk and make it a soft liquid. Keep for four or five hours. Heat a pan. Pour the liquid with a ladle to make soft palappams one by one.

Vegetable Kurma.


Potato.                                 1

Carrot.                                 1

Green peas.                        2 tablespoon. 

Salt.                                      needed to taste.

Water.                                  1 1/2cup.

Cook the above ingredients in a pressure cooker.

Coconut.                              3/4 cup 

Green chilli                         3 

Garlic.                                  1 teaspoon.

Ginger.                                 1  teaspoon.

Cuscus.                                 1 tablespoon./ 

                                                 Nuts 5

Fennel seeds.                      1 teaspoon.

Water.                                  Needed to grind.

Grind all ingredients well.

Oil.                                           1 teaspoon.

Cardamom.                            4 

Cinnamon.                             1 inch piece.

Curry leaves.                         Needed to taste.

Sliced onion.                          1

Sliced tomato.                       1

Salt.                                          Needed to taste.

Heat a pan.Add oil.Add cardamom and cinnamon, fry.

Add curry leaves, stir.

Add onion, fry. Add tomato and salt, stir to fry.

Add cooked vegetables, mix well. Allow to boil.

Add ground coconut mix.

Add water if you need more gravy.

Close the pan with a lid, cook for five minutes.

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