Monday 17 January 2022

Orange Cake.



Orange.                                  1 kg. 

Maida.                                     100 gm.

Sugar.                                       100 gm (for cake)

                                                   100 gm (for Sugar syrup,Orange syrup & Orange glaze sauce.)

Eggs.                                          3 

Sunflower oil.                             50 ml.

Vannila essence.                       1 teaspoon 

Baking powder.                          1 teaspoon 

Baking soda.                               1 teaspoon

Vinegar.                                        1 1/2 teaspoon 

Cornflour                                      2 teaspoon.

Whipping cream.                          200ml.

Orange colour.                               4 drops.

Take juice from 400 gm oranges.Add 4 tablespoon sugar, one cup water and boil to make syrup in honey consistency.

Take pulp from 300 gm oranges,add two tablespoon sugar,boil 2- 3 minutes,keep aside to cool.

Take juice from the remaining 300 gm oranges,add 1 cup water, 4 tablespoon sugar,2 teaspoon corn flour, Orange colour, and boil.Stir continuously  to make a loose thick Orange glaze.(Do after the cake is baked and  icing is finished.)

Beat eggs,add vanilla essence,add 100 gm sugar powder,add sunflower oil, add half of the orange syrup ( 50 ml), beat well.

Mix maida, baking powder,1/2 teaspoon baking soda,and add to the batter.Beat well.

Mix vinegar with the remaining baking soda to make it fluffy and add to the batter.

Pour the batter to a greased baking tray.Bake for 42 minutes in 180° pre heated oven.

Layer the cake into three.

Apply sugar syrup,Orange syrup, whipping cream and orange pulp one after the other.

Repeat the process.Cover the cake with whipping cream.

Refrigerate to set for one hour.

Pour orange glaze syrup over the cake.

Garnish with orange pulp and sugar balls.

Refrigerate one more hour before use.