Thursday 20 November 2014


      Falls the golden lamp, the brain,
      Snap the nerves, the silver chain,
      Breaks the rope of cords at the well,
      The water jar, the liver shatters, the knell,
       Arms tremble, turns hair white,
       Ears deaf, legs weak, disappear teeth bright,
       Grow dim the sun, the stars, the moon,
       In the streets hears the cry, the mourn,
Comes the ruler of all mankind,
The crown less king, the icy hand,
Where the clock of life stops to wind,
To go back to soil, the curtain behind.
Wisdom or madness burns in wood,
Where laughter and pleasure do no good,
Knowledge and foolishness never shine,
None can cheer himself with wine,
Rich and poor face the same lot,
The wings of death break earthen pot,
Can anyone chase the wind ever?
Asks David’s son, the philosopher.
To the dust mortal bodies return,
Go back to God the breath, no turn,
Sin, the sin of Eden brought the death
To the whole race who takes birth.
            Alas! The people! Dead spiritually!
         Who do actions filthy, immorally,
            Worship idols, fight, being jealous,
Angry, envious, and ambitious,
Separate into groups, forming parties,
Get drunk, boundless, become enemies,
Have orgies, do witchcraft, fraud,
Will never possess the kingdom of God.
Put to death, the nature, human,
With all its desires and passion,
Let the spirit direct life always,
Who has given it with immense grace,
Who does produce joy and patience,
Self control, kindness and peace,
The blooms of humility and goodness,
The fragrance of love and faithfulness.
Wants of human nature; of the spirit,
Two enemies in one’s soul, which fight,
Let the spirit control, no doubt,
Let the spirit lead, do not wait,
To a death, spiritual, it may lead
Doom of the soul, its good deed.
Spiritually dead, arise, awake,
Belong to Christ to your own sake.

Sat the faithful, the true heir,
With eyes, a flame of glowing fire,
Wearing many crowns on His head,
Robe, His robe, covered with blood,
To the final judgement, the fight,
From the throne great and white,
With justice, judges, The Word of God,
The Truth, the Almighty, the Lamb, the Lord,
Followed the armies, the angels of heaven,
Him who dressed in clear white linen,
On white horses, triumphantly, He rode,
Out His mouth came the sharp sword,
            To rule with the iron rod, to defeat,
            The beast, the armies, the false prophet,
            From His presence suddenly fled,
            The earth, the heaven but the dead
            Great and small alike stood,
Books of Living were soon opened,
To judge the deeds of all those dead,
The sea, the world gave whom they held.
Into the Lake of Fire were thrown,
The death, the names those not seen...
In the Lake of Fire, the second death,
If not in the book, the eternal death.


Set the hearts in holy heaven,
In Christ, on His magnificent throne,
At the right-hand side of the God
There, keep minds in His abode,
Take off old self, desires of earth,
Things here, human, put to death,
Put on bravely the new pure self,
Realize Christ, the sole real life.
Clothe yourselves with the best kindness,
Compassion, humility and gentleness,
Patience, the lantern, the light may give,
Tolerance with one another to forgive,
Add love which may gracefully bind,
In perfect unity, the people, all kind,
Let the peace of Christ alone guide,
In all decisions far and wide.
Sing! Sing! Psalms and holy hymn,
The sacred songs of thanks to Him!
The King of Kings! Be yourselves proud!
The Lord of Lords!  Birds, Praise aloud!
The people of God, the righteous, the chosen,
The loved, the fortunate to be His own,
Will rejoice with Him, the jewel gaudy,
When He appears in His glory!!

Obliged to: Genesis, Ecclesiastes, Galatians, Revelation & Colossians.

Wednesday 5 November 2014


May I sit in this pleasant shade,
In the  bed, the withered leaves made,
In the scattered flowers pretty clad,
Once again to make me glad.

Watching  the tiny sparrows’ flirt
From flower to flower while they flit,
May dreams blossom here again,
Dissolving lassitude, remorse pain.

While the branches swaying with shrill
Pitch of gentle wind hill to hill,
Let the breath join the breath cool,
As the mist over a silent pool.

May I rest in the shadow awhile,
To melt the tears in the smile,
May a light breeze touch the face still,
Making the cheeks redden with thrill.

While the larks float over the dale,
Waits alone a serene nightingale,
Forgets to sing? Forgets to sing??
Whispers moonlight hugging its wing.

While the buds blossom in shadows lurk,
Waits alone a red madder in murk,
Forgets to bloom? Forgets to bloom??
Hum tiny bees encircling in gloom.

While celestial lights brightly blush,
Waits alone a stream to gush,
Forgets to flow? Forgets to flow??
Warble the pebbles together to go.

While it snows, it snows and snows,
Waits alone a branch among rows,
Forgets to chill? Forgets to chill??
Rustle tender leaves unfolding to fill.

While it rains, it rains and rains,
Waits alone a cloud again, again
Forgets to drizzle? Forgets to drizzle??
Blows bugle a hornbill with bristle.

May I sit in this pleasant shade,
In the  bed, withered leaves made,
In the scattered flowers pretty clad,
Once again to make me glad!