Friday 28 March 2014


Homage and prayers
To His Holiness, The Patriarch
With folded hands, with tears
To The Good Shepherd of Antioch.
The successor of St. Peter
The rock to build the church
Towards the Christ, the Blessed Savior
Towards the Holy Spirit He did search.
The keys of the kingdom of heaven
Are vested on Him, the Good Samaritan
The Powerful Intellect through His sermon
Victorious to free all from demon.
Homage and prayers, the Patriarch
To His Holiness of Antioch.

May the gates of paradise
Be opened with grace,
May the saints and holy arch-angels
Marshal with lighted candles.
May the Holy Soul rest in right
Of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
Pray for us, the Good Shepherd
His holiness, Ignatius Zakka 1 Iwas
When turmoil and violence is heard
And for everyone who is in chaos.
Pray for us, the Good Samaritan
The Patriarch, the Holy Pilgrim
When we pass thorns of persecution
Till we reach the New Jerusalem.