Sunday, 3 July 2016


Towards the burned earth just fallen the drops,        
The rain, the branches shaken in whirls,
A fire tongue, lightening, swallowed the nature,
Over all dales and hills, the sweetened shower,
Hailstones fell like icy plums,
While thunders vibrated grey sky walls,
Opening windows to listen raindrops,
With mesmerizing, patting, breeze embrace,
Stood up the petals beside the garden plants,
The heart hugged the heart in rosy gowns,
The smile loved the smile in pillared quills,
The eyes conquered the eyes of daffodils.
‘‘Be Gracious! Oh! Butterfly! Where had you been?
Over all moments, all those years, nowhere seen,
While winter and autumn, summer and spring,
Made their way in season’s swing….
Over all dawns while all waves curled,
Over all dusks while all stars glowed,
While termites spoiled, worms made it dry,
Wind withered it away, birds stole the honey…
Fostered to be charm, rejoiced although,
Pleasing to the blinks drifting through,
Nourished to be an offering ever gratified,
Good Heavens! Glimmers still the garland…
From petal to petal, nectar to nectar,
Riches to riches, pomp to pomp,
Mind a vagrant, in vain, in vain,
Till the flesh dissolves in soil again…’’
In drizzles, the heart hugs the heart still,
The eyes conquer the eyes to love the smile,
In brocaded petals the morning showers,
Leave hidden plops of water drops….