Sunday 22 November 2009


Do you need dear children,
A friend, philosopher and companion?
In your cheerful and pleasant dawn,
And in all the times when you mourn?

         Here she is ! dear child,
         With smile which is gentle and mild,
         Like the mighty ocean deep and blue,
         Bear many jewels of  different hue!!

Amidst your anguish and turmoil
Ignorance ,chaos and toil,
Amidst the echo of wrong and right,
Make you see the truth and light.

          With pride, not prejudice she leaves,
           In the minds of you , valuable imprints,
           A few moments together she guides,
            Your views, visions and opinions.

Stay awhile dear teacher,
Before those who await for a light.
May your vista inspire,
Tolerance,enrichment and enjoyment.