Thursday 4 August 2016


Rava Laddu
1.     Rava                           -1 ½ cup
2.     Ghee Vanaspati        - ½ cup
3.     Sugar                          - 1 cup
4.     Cashew nut               - 3 spoons
5.     Kismis                         - 3 spoons
6.     Cardamom powder – ¼ spoon

Fry rava in 2 spoons of ghee till it becomes golden brown colour. Remove from heat, add sugar and grind. Heat the remaining ghee, fry nuts and kismis and add it to the rava-sugar mixture. Mix well adding cardamom powder. Make round balls and decorate with cherry pieces.

 Rava – Apple Sweet.
1. Rava                               - 500 gm
2. Ghee /Vanaspati           -2 big spoons.
3. Ground & sieved apple - ½ cup
  Hot water                           -2 cups
4.  Sugar                                 100 gm
Milk /coconut milk             - 1 cup
5. Cardamom powder            - 1 pinch
Heat ghee in a pan and fry rava. Add sieved apple and hot water .Stir well. When it becomes dry add milk and sugar. Stir well again. Keep in a low flame, add cardamom powder, stir well and roast. Remove from heat. Apply ghee in a tray and spread the mixture and level. Allow natural cooling, cut into pieces, garnish and serve.

Rava Vada

Rava                1 cup
Onion              1/2 cup
Green chilli      2
Ginger              1 teaspoon
Salt                    Accordingly
Water                 Accordingly
Oil                     1 cup

        Slice onion,chilly and ginger into small pieces.Mix them with rava,water,and salt.Knead to make small balls.Just spread  in the shape of vada and fry.