Wednesday 25 June 2014


Where is the spring? The spring? The spring of smile?
The earth lost its spring, the spring within a while.
Where is the sea? The sea? The sea of love?
Its heart lost the sea, the sea, the dove.
Lamented the earth, “O my soul! My soul!
When will I rest from all? Rest from all?
My heart aches,aches,eyes overflow,
Not with tears,but with blood,you know."

"Like a child lost her dearest toy
Wails my heart, away from all joy…
When I see the spring, fades to wither,
When I see the spring wanes forever.
My star, my star, in the starry night
Sparkling only in my own sight
Thrills me ever, its flickering flame,
My soul, my soul, my own flame!!"

"Tell me, spring, will you blossom here?
Will I smell the perfume, the scent of myrrh?
Will I see the wild flowers bloom again?
And the sweetness filled in yards of vine??
How lovely the spring! How charming its glee!!
My dearest, my dearest, how you delight me!!!
How pleasant the shadows! The cedars, the cypress!
How soft the lilies, which greatly impress!!!"

"I love to sit ever in this splendid spring,
To hear the hooves of stallions coming!
In chariots, to refresh, to refresh everything
Towards my passion, passion, my darling!!
Let me hear the enchanting voice,
Let me see the loveliness of eyes
Let me feel the blowing morning breeze
Return, my love! Let the darkness close!"

"Day after day, night after night
I dreamt the spring, I did wait,
Looked around and went through street
To hold the bunch and feel the scent.
No music was heard, no brooks gushed
No door was opened, no streams flowed.
Vanished everything behind a veil,
Leaving the dreams fragile and frail."

"Being a live corpse as good as dead
Life, a death struggle all leaves shed.
Heart burned, wishes faded, shattered,
Burst into flame, flared and smashed.
O Christ! Give me love and only love!
Bless me to give out love and only love!
For love fills new hope in all dead hearts,
For love joins everywhere the broken parts."