Wednesday 30 March 2022

Vegetable Rolls.



Maida.                          200gm.

Knead maida with luckwarm water and enough salt. Keep aside for 20 minutes.

Sliced vegetables : cabbage,carrot,onion, capsicum,spring onion, beans, each 50 grams.

Ginger.(chopped)                     1 teaspoon 

Garlic ( chopped).                     1 teaspoon 

Green chilli ( chopped ).          2

Sesame oil.                                 1 tablespoon.

Soya sauce.                                1 tablespoon.

Heat a pan. Heat  sesame oil.Add onions, ginger, garlic, chilli, chopped vegetables, stir to fry.

Add needed salt. Add soya sauce  stir, remove from heat.

Make small balls with the kneaded maida, flatten to make like thin round sheets.

Heat a pan, put the flattened sheets in it,turn upside and down fot 2-4 seconds.

Place 2 teaspoons vegetable mix in the flattened sheets in one end, roll it and seal it.

Coconut oil.                Needed to fry.

Heat oil in a pan.

Put vegetable rolls and fry till it becomes golden brown, turning upside down.

Serve with tomato sauce.

Thursday 24 March 2022

Dal Vada.



Dal.                             1 cup 

Shallots.                     10/ onion - 1

Green chilli.               3

Ginger (sliced).          1 teaspoon 

Curry leaves.              5 

Salt.                               needed to taste 

Asafoetida powder.     1/4 teaspoon 

Oil.                                  needed to fry 

Wash dal, soak for 2 hours.

Drain and grind to a coarse paste.

Add sliced shallots/ onion,chilly, ginger, curry leaves,salt and asafoetida powder.

Mix well.

Make small balls and flatten to an oval/round shape.

Heat oil in a pan.

Deep fry in medium flame.

Turn both sides till it becomes golden brown.

Serve with tea/ coffee.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Vegetable Kurma.



Potato.                                 1

Carrot.                                 1

Green peas.                        2 tablespoon. 

Salt.                                      needed to taste.

Water.                                  1 1/2cup.

Cook the above ingredients in a pressure cooker.

Coconut.                              3/4 cup 

Green chilli                         3 

Garlic.                                  1 teaspoon.

Ginger.                                 1  teaspoon.

Cuscus.                                 1 tablespoon./ 

                                                 Nuts 5

Fennel seeds.                      1 teaspoon.

Water.                                  Needed to grind.

Grind all ingredients well.

Oil.                                           1 teaspoon.

Cardamom.                            4 

Cinnamon.                             1 inch piece.

Curry leaves.                         Needed to taste.

Sliced onion.                          1

Sliced tomato.                       1

Salt.                                          Needed to taste.

Heat a pan.Add oil.Add cardamom and cinnamon, fry.

Add curry leaves, stir.

Add onion, fry. Add tomato and salt, stir to fry.

Add cooked vegetables, mix well. Allow to boil.

Add ground coconut mix.

Add water if you need more gravy.

Close the pan with a lid, cook for five minutes.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Black gram vada.


Ingredients :

Black gram.                      200 gm.

Onion.                               1 (sliced)

Green chilli.                     4 (chopped)

Ginger ( Sliced)                 1 teaspoon. 

Curry leaves.                   5-6 (chopped)

Salt.                                   needed to taste.

Oil.                                     needed to fry.

Wash the black gram well and soak in water for 4 hours.

Drain it, add sliced ginger and grind well.

Beat well the mixture.

Add sliced green chilli,  onion, curry leaves and salt.Mix well.

Heat oil in a frying pan.

Make small balls with the mixture, then slightly flatten.

Press with your thumb in the centre and fry.

( Apply some water in your hands in order to avoid stickyness while making the balls, flattening and pressing in the centre.)