Thursday 20 June 2013


Beloved and the best,
Sweeter than honey,
Whiter than snow,
Dearer than all,
And the greatest.
A relief in sorrow,
A solace in agony,
A help, a care,
A smile, a virtue,
And a praise.
An angel from heaven,
A messenger of God,
A companion,
A fellow traveler,
And a grace.
marvelous miracle,
A dream and truth,
A lasting spring,
A vineyard of love,
And a jewel.


Bleeds my heart when I see
The love you have kept for me
Never do I, the same, yet
Ever you love in your heart.

        Hidden, silent I remain away
        Still you search all the way
        Why? No answer I ever heard
        Except ‘true love ends never child !

Not sparrows have tweets for me
Not any stars have their glee.
Neither the Sun spreads his light
Nor the Moon sends delight.
          Even I leave, you do not leave
          Even I forget, you keep me alive
          Like dew waters plants in  desert
          Gently you shower in my heart.

How sweet the memoirs of past!
How glorious the moments flown fast!
How nice the spring now I feel!
How fragrant the flowers now I smell!
          No words to express my gratitude
         Nothing is enough to reward
         Like the snow flashes enormous rays
          My heart offers the buds of thanks.

May rivers flow and plants bloom
And tender leaves rise from gloom.
May the Almighty bless you ever
And all the bliss always He shower.

               Pardon, if I have hurt you then
               Pardon, if I have ever forgotten
               What should I give you in return?
               A tear drop? A bleeding heart? Just I own.