Friday 1 May 2015


Oh! My beloved morning star!
Hear the lute from afar, afar!
The spring has again brightly sprung,
The larks their songs have sweetly sung,
Butterflies flutter in tiny wings,
Pattering squirrels in palm leaf swings,
Glistening dewdrops in thin grass smile,
Blue-bells, lilies and laurels bloom awhile,
Hear the giggles of shallow streams rush,
Feel the chill of fresh oasis gush,
Listen the rain clouds drizzle with fun,
 Sunflower’s murmur towards the rising sun,
Thrill in lovely rainbow blaze,
The pretty row in horizon, amaze!

Life an ember where memories arise,
Though put in pyre, the phoenix again rise,
Even one travels with a paralyzed heart,
The shadow, the death, accompanies to part,
Everyone has to drink the cup,
The Father has given from the heaven up,
Life, a sea where waves of troubles,
To heal, to heal, one ever, ever struggles,
Fortune, a dream glowing afar,
The vanishing morning star in dawn so far,
A truth? A falsehood? In mind’s palanquin,
Just be pleased in mild moonshine,
Oh! My beloved morning star!
Hear the lute from afar, afar!

Sparrows dive through wind slowly,
Buds bloom to garlands in valley,
Petals of lotus and roses open,
Spreading sweetness to gateways unknown,
Silent stars gaze upon the doves,
Cooing beside the roof with loves,
Lamps are lit to begin the journey,
Towards the pain and pleasures of honey,
Curtains are drawn to life’s new dawn,
Cheer again, cheer again, farewell to mourn,
Enjoy the lost canopy nearby,
Fortune, a cloud roaming in the sky,
Oh! My beloved nightingale!
It rains! It rains! In all mount’s dale!!!