Monday 28 April 2014



My heart leaps with joy, not twice, nor thrice,
For Oh! Jesus! You raise me to the paradise.
The doors of heaven open, hear the voice
The sweetest of rain showers to rejoice.
The honey rain, the dream in a dawn,
When the morning star sheds beam in my lawn
All dreams merry and morale, all hopes jolly,
All sights pleasant, all songs mellow and lovely
For Jesus turns a lurid, lighted lantern
To glow while I travel the muddle alone.
As a sweet flute of reed, I slowly rise
Through which only His glaring glory I  praise.
He moulds me as a candle, humble
Brightly blazing ever in His holy temple
And makes me the gum, the frankincense
Smouldering in altar, with pure fragrance.
As a white lily in an enchanting garden
Germinates me in the orchard of Eden
To grow all my glimmering, weak foliage,
Withering petals and nectar in all the age.
Bloom again the dahlias, the geraniums,
The carnations and chrysanthemums
In colours pink, red, purple and white
And marigolds orange, yellow in sight.
Rivers flow, flow towards great oceans
Waves curl, curl towards endless shores.
Breeze of love embraces the lonely isles
Away away from thousands of miles…
Travel alone through the corridors of past
The two sparrows silently, though did part
To meet again, again, the eyes glowing
With love, the face smiling, smiling
 Like sentinel stars glittering gently
And peeping from the sky slowly, slowly.
 While the reminiscences blossom in mind
Will the sweet, sweet odour ever end?