"Father,if you will,take this cup of suffering away from me. Not my will, however,but your will be done"

Luke 22: 42

"Women of Jerusalem ! Don't cry for me,but for yourselves and your children.For the days are coming when people will say, " How lucky are the women who never had children,who never bore babies,who never nursed them!" That will be the time when people will say to the mountains, ' Fall on us!' and to the hills,"Hide us!" For if  such things as these are done when the wood is green,what will happen when it is dry?"

Luke 23 :28-31

“My heart praises the Lord;
My soul is glad because of God my
For he has remembered me, his
Lowly servant!
From now on all people will call me
Because of the great things the
Mighty God has done for me.
His name is holy;
From one generation to another
He shows mercy to those who honour
He has stretched out his mighty arm
And scattered the proud with all their
He has brought down mighty kings
From their thrones,
And lifted up the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good
And sent the rich away with empty
He has kept the promise he made to
Our ancestors,
And has come to the help of his
Servant Israel.
He has remembered to show mercy
To Abraham
And to all his descendants forever!”

Luke: 1: 46-55.

“Happiness has gone out of our lives;
Grief has taken the place of our dances.
Nothing is left of all we were proud of.
We sinned, and now we are doomed.
We are sick at our very hearts
And can hardly see through our tears.
Because Mount Zion lies lonely and deserted,
And wild jackals prowl through its ruins.

But you, O Lord, are king forever,
And will rule to the end of time.
Why have you abandoned us so long?
Will you ever remember us again?
Bring us back to you, Lord! Bring us back!
Restore our ancient glory.
Or have you rejected us forever?
Is there no limit to your anger?”
Lamentations :5 :15-22

“Do not be afraid, I will save you.
I have called you by name, you are mine.
When you pass through deep waters,
I will be with you;
Your troubles will not overwhelm you.
When you pass through fire,
You will not be burned;
The hard trials that come
Will not hurt you.
For I am the Lord your God.”
Isaiah: 43:1-3

“Happy are those who know they are
Spiritually poor;
The kingdom of heaven belongs to them!
Happy are those who mourn;
God will comfort them!
Happy are those who are humble;
They will receive what God has
Happy are those whose greatest desire
Is to do what God requires;
God will satisfy them fully!
Happy are those who are merciful to
God will be merciful to them!
Happy are the pure in heart;
They will see God!
Happy are those who work for peace;
God will call them His children!
Happy are those who are persecuted
Because they do what God
The kingdom of heaven belongs to
Happy are you when people insult you
And persecute you and tell all kinds of
Evil lies against you
Because you are my followers.
Be happy and glad,
For a great reward is kept for you
In heaven!"
Matthew: 5:3-11

“How much longer will you forget me,
Lord? Forever?
How much longer will you hide
Yourself from me?
How long must I endure trouble?
How long will sorrow fill my heart
Day and night?
How long will my enemies triumph
Over me?
Look at me, O Lord my God, and answer me.
Restore my strength; don’t let me die.”
Psalms: 13:1-3

    “Listen to us Shepherd of Israel;
Hear us, leader of your flock.
Seated on your throne above the winged
Reveal yourself to the tribes of
Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh.
Show us your strength;
Come and save us!
Bring us back, O God!
Show us your mercy, and we will be
How much longer, Lord God Almighty,
Will you be angry with your people’s?
You have given us sorrow to eat,
A large cup of tears to drink,
You let the surrounding nations fight
Over our land;
Our enemies insult us.
Bring us back, Almighty God!
Show us your mercy, and we will be saved!”
Psalms: 80: 1-7

“No longer will the sun be your light
By day
Or the moon be your light by night:
I, the LORD, will be your eternal light:
The light of my glory will shine on you,
Your days of grief will come to an end.
I, the LORD will be your eternal light,
More lasting than the sun and the moon.”
Isaiah 60:19-20

The Lord says,
“Come everyone who is thirsty-
Here is water!
Come, you that have no money-
Buy corn and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk-
It will cost you nothing!
Why spend money on what does not
Why spend your wages and still be
Listen to me and do what I say,
And you will enjoy the best food of
Isaiah :55:1-2


           “To you O LORD, I offer my prayer
           In you, my God, I trust.
            Save me from the shame of defeat;
            Don’t let my enemies gloat over me!
  Defeat does not come to those who trust in you,
  But to those who are quick to rebel
  Against you.
 Teach me your ways LORD:
 Make them known to me,
 Teach me to live according to your truth,
 For you are my God, who saves me
 I always trust in you.”
 Psalms: 25: 1-5

 Our city is strong!
God himself defends its walls!
Open the city gates
And let the faithful nation enter,
The nation whose people
Do what is right.
You Lord, give perfect peace
To those who keep their purpose firm
And put their trust in you.
Trust in the LORD for ever;
He will always protect us.”
Isaiah 26:1-4

“The LORD has filled my heart with
How happy I am because of what he
 has done!
I laugh at my enemies;
How joyful  I am because God has
Helped me!"
“No one is holy like the LORD;
There is none like him,
No protector like our God.
Stop your loud boasting;
Silence your proud words.
For the LORD is a God who knows,
And he judges all that people do.”
1 Samuel : 2:1-3

“Sing a new song to the Lord!
Sing to the Lord, all the world!
Sing to the Lord, and praise him!
Proclaim every day the good news
That he has saved us.
Proclaim his glory to the nations,
His mighty acts to all peoples”

“Save me ,O God!
     The water is up to my neck;
I am sinking in deep mud,
And there is no solid ground;
I am out in deep water,
And the waves are about to drown me.
I am worn out from calling for help,
And my throat is aching.
I have strained my eyes,
Looking for your help.”
Psalms: 69:1-3

The waves of death were all round me;
The waves of destruction rolled over me.
The danger of death was round me,
And the grave set its trap for me.
In my trouble I called to the Lord;
I called to my God for help.
In his temple he heard my voice;
He listened to my cry for help."

2 Samuel 22: 5-7

“I have searched in the east, but God
Is not there;
I have not found him when I searched
In the west.
God has been at work in the north and
 the south,
but still I have not seen him.
Yet God knows every step I take;
If he tests me, he will find me pure.
I follow faithfully the road he chooses,
And never wander to either side.
I always do what God commands;
I follow his will, not my own desires.”
Job: 23: 8-12

“I will remember your great deeds,
I will recall the wonders you did in
The past.
I will think about all that you have
I will meditate on all your mighty acts.”
Psalms: 77:11-12

“The LORD is my shepherd;
      I have everything I need.
He lets me rest in fields of green grass
      And leads me to quiet pools of fresh
He gives me new strength.
He guides me in the right paths,
      as he has promised.
Even if I go through the deepest
I will not be afraid, LORD,
for you are with me.
Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect
Psalms: 23:1-4.

'I saw the Lord before me at all times;
he is near me, and I will not be troubled.
And so I am filled with gladness,
and my words are full of joy.
And  I, mortal though I am,
will rest assured in hope,
because you will not abandon me in
the world of the dead;
you will not allow your faithful
servant to rot in the grave.
You have shown me the paths that
lead to life,
and your presence will fill me with
Acts: 2: 25-28

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